Saturday, May 31, 2014

Void Music 2014

The latest Music centric issue of Void Magazine just hit the stands. It features a lot of great articles about some local Jacksonville bands and the music scene in general. It even has a a short write-up on my friend's band Civil Brute with an accompanying photo taken by yours truly. Don't miss this issue, be sure to grab your copy today. It's FREE so what's stopping you? But, as always, Keep it REAL!

Arbus Art + Architecture 2014

The May/June issue of Arbus Magazine is still on the stands and it features a full page ad I designed for my office, ELM. The theme of this issue is Art + Architecture and it covers many local artists, architects, art events, architecture firms, and current building projects. If you live in North Florida be sure to pick up a copy at pretty much any local business in the downtown area of Jacksonville. It's FREE! In the mean time - Keep it REAL!

Friday, May 30, 2014

Flashback Friday #28 - What Time is it? Adventure Time!

So, for this Flashback Friday we are not going all that far back. Just a couple of years if that. This past week I had the wonderful surprise of finding the two above comic books at my local comics shop, and what do ya know my good friend and college roommate Phil Jacobson was the illustrator on the featured side story "Jelly Wars." Phil lives out in California now, but he drew this comic back when he still lived in Savannah so it had been in the works for a little while before it reached the store racks. But it's finally here and you can read it! Go get yours today - Adventure Time #27 & 28 by KaBOOM! Studios. Be sure to Keep it REAL! P.S. Phil hid himself in the comic as a doughnut because, why not!