Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Graduate Architecture Thesis Exhibition

Building off my last post about finishing up my 5 year Master of Architecture degree, here is a post about exhibiting some of the work that earned me that degree. Next Friday, June 1st, SCAD will be hosting the Graduate Architecture Thesis Exhibition in Eichberg Hall. It will be in the Main Building, Second Floor, from 11am to 2pm. All the Thesis students will be showing their work from the past year so you won't want to miss it. Each project is unique and shows off the talent, dedication, and passion of each student. Plus there will be food so what more of a reason do you need! Also, I helped design the invitation you see above. The concept behind it was to have each student design an icon that describes their thesis project. Mine is the 4th one in on the bottom row - my aperture logo over red.

SCAD Master of Architecture Class of 2012

In just about a week from now I will be graduating with my Master of Architecture Degree from the Savannah College of Art and Design. It has been a whirlwind of an adventure the last 5 years and I am very excited to be completing my work and setting out on the real world. Although I would be lying if I did not say I was a little scared as well, but that is to be expected I guess. Nevertheless I am still very proud of the work I was able to accomplish at SCAD and I will always cherish my memories of this place, my professors, and most of all, my fellow students. This photo is the class photo for 2012 - all the students that will be graduating with a Master of Architecture or a Master of Urban Design. As a lasting legacy for the school this photo will be framed at 24 x 36 with signatures from all the students and displayed in Eichberg Hall. It will serve as a reminder of all our hard work and will be very fun to see whenever we visit SCAD in the future. My Thesis professor, Arpad Ronaszegi, took this photo. Follow the link to his photo site.

New Contact Cards

Hello there, been working hard lately and I just wanted to take a second to share my new sticker label and business card designs with you. The first image is the sticker label and the second is the back of my business / contact card. The front of my card is the same as the sticker label minus the type at the bottom. I have already ordered copies of each of these and in the future I might adjust the design a bit and order more. If you are planning on making business cards or contact cards soon yourself, you might want to check out this awesome site called moo.com. It is a printing service site and I think they are very creative and well priced. In the mean time let me know what you think of my new contact cards! Later!

Monday, May 7, 2012

New Behance Account

I just recently got an account on Behance. SCAD was able to partner with them and I thought I would go ahead and make my own profile. Behance is an on-line tool that allows you to make a portfolio that you can then share with friends, family, and potential employers. My account is still in the early stages so it does not have much content, but check it out if you have a second. This is also a good opportunity for you to see my architecture work since I don't have it posted anywhere else. Link!

Saturday, May 5, 2012

Robert Garvin - Sound Designer

This past Tuesday I had a photo shoot with my friend Robert. He was looking for a photo he could send out with his graduation invitations and he wanted the photo to convey some part about Savannah and the fact that he (Robert) is a sound design major. This is one of the better photos from the shoot and as you can see it gets the whole message across without being too in your face about it I believe. We also had a bit of fun with Robert's sound equipment while on the photo shoot. We staged some photos were he is setting up to "record" sound on location and some of them turned out pretty well. I also was able to put together a few short photo animations of Robert "setting" up. You can check those out here - Robert 1 - Robert 2 - Robert 3. These short photo animations are of Robert throwing out his sound cables and I highlighted the cable so you can see it better. Hope you enjoy!

Wednesday, May 2, 2012

SCAD Silver & Ink 2012 Write-Up

The SCAD Silver & Ink show was a great success this year! There was a huge turn out of students, professors, and honored guests and the student work was very professional. The show will be up till June 10th so if you are in the Savannah area you should stop by and see the gallery. It is worth it, believe me. In the mean time you can read about the show in the school paper. Here is the link to the article, it even mentions me!

Walking the High Line

Here is another photo animation that I threw together. I took this series of photos on the High Line in New York City back in March. I wanted to make this animation because the photos by themselves are kinda boring, but when viewed in sequence they become very interesting and energetic. To see the short animation just follow the link! High Line Animation.