Friday, June 28, 2013

Flashback Friday #20 - Disney

Flashback Fridays are back! After a little break from blogging I am back and will be posting some more photos and stories. This week we take a look at Disney! Last week I was in the Orlando area staying at my Uncle's house for a few days and while there I was able to visit Downtown Disney with my good friend Stephanie. We had a great time exploring the stores and themed restaurants, but it was during all that when I realized the last time I had been to any of the Disney parks was way back in 2008 (when these photos were taken at The Magic Kindom) and the last time I had been to Epcot, The Animal Kingdom, or Hollywood Studios was back in the 1990's! Heck, the last time I was at Hollywood Studios it was still called MGM Studios! I have been on a Universal Islands of Adventure binge recently, having been 4 times in the past 3 years. Stephanie and I both had gone to the Disney parks loads of times as kids and we decided that it was high time for me to go again, especially after all the new stuff they have added in the past few years. New things like the new FantasyLand at The Magic Kingdom, which I hear is most awesome. And then I have also been missing out on the Star Wars weekends. Man, I need to get back on that Disney train. My good friend Thomas has even been to Disney parks in three different countries now so I have no excuses! haha. Disney, here I come - you know - when my schedule allows it. Keep it REAL everyone!

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