Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Sample Portfolio Page

Since I have some down time at home over winter I have decided that I will finally take a stab at getting a portfolio page up. All the cool kids are doing it so why not me,.......right? Right! Anyway, here is my first attempt. It is through a site called Artists and this page is free but is very limited. For example I can only have a home page and the one gallery page and on both an annoying advertisement footer always pops up. They do have it set up so you can pay them and get unlimited, advertisement free pages and images, but I'm still looking around for the right provider. I do however like this design. Very clean, modern, and simple - with enough design features to keep me interested. Yet I do want to have my own domain name without any extra "stuff" on the end. This site always leaves the "artistswanted" on the end of the URL. But its a good start for now. Let me know what you think of the site and the work I posted. Thanks!

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