Friday, June 8, 2012

(Academic) Year in Review 2011-2012

WOW! - What a year! Hello faithful readers, got a long one in store for you. I just recently completed my graduate year at SCAD and earned my Master of Architecture degree. I wanted to take some time to reflect on all the wonderful things that happened this past academic year - both the bad and the good - (mainly the good). This past year I attended 4 straight quarters at SCAD and completed 10 classes in order to finish up my undergraduate work in architecture and photography as well as start and finish my graduate work in architecture. I earned two degrees including a M.Arch degree (Master of Architecture). I took extremely fun courses such as Experimental Inkjet Printing, extremely challenging classes such as Structures: Lateral Forces, and extremely important classes such as Architecture Thesis Studio I & II. I photographed a wedding in both D.C. and New Jersey (same wedding, kind of a long story). I had a professional level photography gallery at my high school and got to reconnect with my past teachers there. I traveled to places such as New York and Orlando to visit interesting areas such as the Bronx Zoo and Islands of Adventure, even got to go to Hogwarts (twice!). Had a classic suburban American Thanksgiving, with Costco runs aplenty. Dropped by the brand new LEGOLAND Florida and re-lived my childhood. Attended concerts, seminars, formal events, gallery openings, dramatic plays, parties, and lectures that inspired as well as challenged my thoughts. Survived a devastating car wreck and still attended class the next day. Explored abandoned and vacant buildings, which offered great photographic moments. Helped in the filming of some student films and enjoyed the mayhem that ensued. Witnessed the ground breaking and completion of the brand new SCAD Museum of Art and indulged in it's well designed facilities. Participated in the Side Walk Arts Festival and was even visited by SCAD President, Paula Wallace! Was featured in 3 photographic publications including SCAD Silver & Ink - also had my photo hung up in Bergen Hall, the Photo building. Continued to attend RUF at SCAD and finished my 3 year run as co-leader of the music team. Finally had a living situation with not only good roommates but good friends as well. Had some honorary roommates as well, who were always welcome. In the end it was a most eventful year and I would not change a thing because all of it has made me who I am today. I would like to thank all of the people who helped make this past year possible (you know who you are and most of you are featured in the photo montage above). But most of all I would like to thank both of my families. My real family in Florida and New York (Sister), and my SCAD family via my roommates and honorary roommates. Without you guys this past year would have been a lot harder and not nearly as much fun so thank you for being you! Until next time readers - keep it REAL!

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