Friday, November 23, 2012

Flashback Friday #4 - Thanksgiving

It's Friday again and since yesterday was Thanksgiving I thought I would do a flashback themed around that. This year my family and I spent Thanksgiving in New York City with my sister who lives in Manhattan. It was one of the first times we have spent the Turkey holiday in a place other than "home." But, as the old saying goes, 'Home is where the heart is' so we did not feel far from it. The above photos are from years past showing all the fixings and the classic pilgrim salt and pepper shakers. For several years we hosted our family at our house in Florida, but recently we have traveled to Atlanta for Thanksgiving. My family has also spent a Thanksgiving in Italy when my sister was there on a study abroad trip back in 2007. That was a most interesting Thanksgiving because we had to celebrate a purely American holiday in another country and when we went to buy Turkey we had a hard time finding enough! We certainly could not find a whole bird, but after some very interesting conversations with some butchers (they seemed very confused as to why we wanted so much turkey!) we were able to get quite a few pieces of cut turkey. It was like going to a grocery store and buying up all the brussel sprouts, but we had what we needed and were able to celebrate in style. I hope you and your family had a most enjoyable and tasty Turkey Day! Until next time readers - Keep it REAL!

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