Friday, November 30, 2012

Flashback Friday #5 - Blessed in Bulk

Week 5 and going strong! - This week we flashback to some time well spent, or well wasted (you decide) at your local blessed in bulk store! In the case of this example we will be talking about Costco. Living in suburbia for pretty much all my life I have witnessed the evolution of America's fascination with shopping in bulk. It is probably safe to say that in recent years this fascination has reached its peak, but bulk shopping will most likely never fully disappear. There are several benefits to shopping in bulk such as lower prices, larger selection, and of course greater quantities, which comes in handy for big families. At a store like Costco, which gives new meaning to the term Big-Box store because it is quite literally a HUGE BOX, one can find several different items like food, cameras, TVs, toys, wine, clothes, candy, pizza, car tires, eye glasses, books, DVDs, you get the picture. But since it is a bulk store when you find the item you want you find about 50 more right next to it (as demonstrated in the photos above). At regular stores you might be lucky if you find just 2 or 3 of the same item out on display, which makes bulk shopping that much more fascinating and overwhelming. I bring this up now because I know all of you are getting ready to go out and buy a bunch of Christmas presents for the holidays. Be sure to shop smart this season and remember that sometimes the best present is hand-made and not store-bought. Keep it REAL!

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