Friday, February 7, 2014

Flashback Friday #22 - LEGO

Today is the opening day for The LEGO Movie and I am not even exaggerating when I say I have literally been waiting my entire life for a LEGO movie. I've been playing with LEGOs since probably before I could walk and credit them with my decision to study architecture. I wanted to share some photos from my first visit to LEGOLand Florida back in December of 2011. The park is really geared towards a much younger audience, but LEGOs will always speak to the kid in me and anyone who thinks differently I say - "You can't ruin my fun!" Which is exactly what I told my family when we were heading to the park that chilly December morning. I had somehow convinced them to go with me and they were teasing me the entire drive about how excited I was. And when I heard years later about The LEGO Movie I showed the same excitement! I plan on seeing the movie very soon and regardless of whether it's good or not - You can't ruin my fun! But, if you're still on the fence just take a look at it's current Rotten Tomatoes score! And if you want a relic of a flashback to round out your Friday take a look at this LEGO Movie I made 7 years ago. I made it the summer before my freshman year at SCAD and you can see those art school tendencies building. Keep it REAL and (as LEGO would say) Play Well!

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