Friday, March 28, 2014

Flashback Friday #26 - EPCOT

This weekend is Stephanie Boilard's birthday, my significant other, and we are planning on going to the Experimental Prototype Community of Tomorrow. Oh, um I mean EPCOT, haha. As any Floridian would tell you a trip to Disney World is like an annual past time around here. We are pretty much the theme park capital of the world. When I was a kid my Grandpa Max worked as a greeter at MGM Studios (now called Hollywood Studios) and he would take my sister and I to all the parks every summer. We became Disney regulars at an early age and my love for theme parks has yet to subside because of it. Recently though I have been on a Universal kick due to the Harry Potter world opening a few years ago at Islands of Adventure. I was so wrapped up in the Harry Potter madness that I finally realized that I had not been to Disney since probably the late 90's! A lot has changed since then and I am excited to see it first hand in a few days time. It will be like I'm a kid again and that is what Disney is all about anyway. So bring on the fun and bring on the magic you Experimental Prototype Community of Tomorrow! Keep it REAL readers. (The 1989 EPCOT map shown was found at this website, Progress City USA)


  1. Awesome! Have a blast down there!

    1. Thanks! And we most certainly did have an awesome time. Going to The Animal Kingdom next in a few weeks. Gonna revisit all the parks since it has been so long since I've been to any of them.