Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Santa Maria del Fiore

So I mainly photograph architecture because I'm a student of it and it interests me more than other subjects, but the stories about the buildings and the architects give my photographs more meaning. For example this photograph of Santa Maria del Fiore in Florence Italy happens to capture a masterpiece of architecture designed and built by genius architect Filippo Brunelleschi. His genius in the field of architecture was well before his time and this became a problem when he was trying to secure commissions. He would have to prove himself time and time again because people of his time simply did not believe that what he proposed could be done. He is credited with the design and construction of the dome that stands on top of this cathedral. Before Brunelleschi came along the church was unfinished because the technology to cover the opening over the transept had not even been invented yet. This did not stop Brunelleschi and after he won the commission he not only designed a magnificent dome, he invented several tools and methods for its construction. Quite an amazing accomplishment.

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