Monday, May 16, 2011

Travel Bug

So, I've had the travel bug lately. Went home this past weekend and I'm planning on going up to North Carolina this coming weekend. To celebrate the travel bug I thought it would be appropriate to post some more Italy photos! This one is from Venice. There is no other city in the world that is quite like Venice. Its built on a lagoon and was founded by (for the lack of a better term) pirates. Well......lets say traders. Because of this history Venice is a unique amalgamation of different cultures and architectural styles. What makes Venice even more unique is that instead of streets it has canals and instead of cars it has boats. One of the most iconic parts of Venice has to be its gondolas and gondoliers and if you travel to Venice it is almost impossible to go the entire trip without taking a photo of one or riding on one. There are actually a few different types of gondolas, the more famous kind being the one that takes you on that romantic trip down the grand canal at night while the gondolier sings "It's Amore." The other kind is called a traghetti, or ferry, and just takes people across the grand canal for less than a euro. The gondola pictured here is the second kind. A third kind of gondola is a type used for racing among gondoliers. Gondolas used to be the primary form of transportation for people within the city but with modern boats they have become more of a novelty. Yet this novelty is one that will not disappear any time soon.

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