Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Operation: Weekend Awesome

Long time no see! My parents have been worried about the lack of posting lately so I thought I would make a quick post. I went to Islands of Adventure this past weekend with my roommate and we had a great time. We dubbed the weekend Operation: Weekend Awesome and it was just that. Here are two of the better photos from the park. The first is in the Jurassic Park area. I think its funny that the scariest movie trilogy that Universal used for designing the park inspired one of the most kid-friendly parts of the park. There is only one real ride and the rest of that area is either stores, food, or playground stuff for kids. Still pretty awesome that you can visit a "real" Jurassic Park. The second photo is the entry way to Spider-Man the ride, which is my favorite ride in the entire park. Even after 10 years the technology holds its own when compared to other more advanced rides like the new Harry Potter ride. Its really fun. Hope you enjoy.

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