Thursday, September 8, 2011

Only at SCAD

School is almost back in session and I thought I should post a link to the social media site Only at SCAD! You might be asking yourself "But Mark, what does your photo blog have to do with Only at SCAD?" Well, only that I helped design it, launch it, and moderate it. Plus, the photo you see in the banner above is one of my photos and the other photo banners that appear on the site are my photos as well, so that's how this ties back into my photo blog. You thought I had gone way off track there didn't you? This is just my one shameless plug of the site going into the new school year. You should check it out. I helped my friend Holden design it, and by that I mean I just supplied the photos and he did the rest. I have no talent when it comes to designing websites. You can check Holden Link out via the link! (It's funny because Link is really his last name and I made it a link!) Holden also helped program the site with his friend Andrew Ash and you can check him out Here. As for the website you can check it out here Hope you enjoy! - Only at SCAD is a collection of stories and photos from SCAD as submitted by students and alumni. Only at SCAD is a member of the Only at Network, a collection of websites dedicated to connecting students and alumni with their universities. Visit for more information.

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