Saturday, September 24, 2011

Urban Design Studio

The studio I'm taking right now is an urban design studio and the project for the quarter is the urban renewal / new master plan for Springfield GA. We went to Springfield as a class about a week ago to get a feel for the city / town and start to get ideas about what our vision for the future of Springfield will look like. The thing that jumped out at all of us right from the start is that the city has not been consistent with its architecture. Take for example the photo on the left of the old run down barn with the old red car that has clearly not been touched in many years and contrast that with the almost pristine renovated courthouse on the right (1908). Then think for a moment about how these two buildings are in about 5 min. walking distance from each other. Springfield is in dire need of change and I only hope that whatever our class produces will be able to help them develop a new vision for their city.

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