Saturday, February 18, 2012

Bridging The Gap

Hello readers! Been awhile. I have some cool news for you. In June of this year I am planning on showing some of my bridge photography at the Jacksonville office of ELM. ELM is an Architecture firm that has offices in both Jacksonville and Seattle and my family is fortunate enough to be friends with the founding members of the firm. They are celebrating their 10 year anniversary this year and are holding several parties at their Jacksonville office. They already had one this month and are planning on having another in June. They have invited me to show my photography at this event and I want to show just my Jacksonville photography. The photo to the left is another bridge photo I took in Jacksonville which was not used in my final portfolio. But in preparation for the show in June I have begun to look back through my archives of Jacksonville photos and some are starting to jump out as possible gallery items. Here is hoping for more shows in the future, but for now my thanks go out to the wonderful people at ELM. Thank you!

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