Saturday, February 25, 2012

It Really is a Small World

So, get ready for a crazy story! I was just driving around town on my way to dinner with some friends when I noticed a car parked on the side of the street. Usually an everyday scene in Savannah so at first I thought nothing of it. But something caught my attention, which made me do a double take and get a closer look at the side of the car. That is when I began to think to myself, "I know this car. I know a car with the very same make, model, and color of this car." Then I did a triple take when I saw the Jesus fish on the side placed in an unconventional location between the wheel well and the door frame. Thats when I knew without a doubt that I did know this car. This was my sister's old Jeep Cherokee Sport, Matilda! I traveled to High School in that car. I drove around North Carolina in that car when visiting my sister Allison at school. I washed that car and customized it with my Dad years ago. That is why I picked up on the Jesus fish because my Dad had placed one on each side of the car when we had it and he had also taken out all the letters in Cherokee except 'her' so it ended up saying "Her Sport." Before we sold it we took off 'her' and just left Sport and this car just has Sport left on both doors. Plus the body and the wheels are the exact same so everything lines up. Plus, when we sold this car 3 years ago we sold it to someone who lives in Savannah and it had been in the back of my mind that I was going to see it someday and today was the day! It really is a small world. The first photo is Matilda in Savannah and the other two are old photos of her.


  1. Mark, this is truly "a small world" happening and I was smiling as I read your post! Hands dowm, you lead an interesting life.
    Love ya, Nana

    1. Most certainly, glad you liked the story.