Saturday, May 5, 2012

Robert Garvin - Sound Designer

This past Tuesday I had a photo shoot with my friend Robert. He was looking for a photo he could send out with his graduation invitations and he wanted the photo to convey some part about Savannah and the fact that he (Robert) is a sound design major. This is one of the better photos from the shoot and as you can see it gets the whole message across without being too in your face about it I believe. We also had a bit of fun with Robert's sound equipment while on the photo shoot. We staged some photos were he is setting up to "record" sound on location and some of them turned out pretty well. I also was able to put together a few short photo animations of Robert "setting" up. You can check those out here - Robert 1 - Robert 2 - Robert 3. These short photo animations are of Robert throwing out his sound cables and I highlighted the cable so you can see it better. Hope you enjoy!

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