Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Walking the High Line

Here is another photo animation that I threw together. I took this series of photos on the High Line in New York City back in March. I wanted to make this animation because the photos by themselves are kinda boring, but when viewed in sequence they become very interesting and energetic. To see the short animation just follow the link! High Line Animation.


  1. I see what you meant in the gallery. Very cool.

    It reminds me of one of the exhibitions in the SCAD Museum of Art (which name escapes me at the moment) in which the creator was showing using boots to illustrate the effect of sunlight on the Arctic Tundra.

    1. I saw that exhibition too! I thought it was pretty interesting. The boots sank into the snow but it moved a bit too slow for me.

    2. Oh yes, I remember you mentioning that too. That seemed to be the consensus of my peers too. I think they were just ready for the boots to fall into the water.