Monday, October 29, 2012

A Friendly Halloween Spider-Man!

Halloween is in a few days, and even though I don't dress up anymore and run around my neighborhood with a pillow-case asking complete strangers for candy, I still like to decorate. Especially when I get to carve a pumpkin! This is the first time I have been home for Halloween in the last 5 years so I wanted to at least do a little something special for the front porch. In years past I used to go all out with the fake cob-webs, multiple carved pumpkins, lights, black-lights, lanterns, spooky eyes, window hangings, and scary music. But since we live in a secluded part of our neighborhood we hardly get any kids coming to the front door with their heavy laden pillow cases. Yes, very sad, I know. Yet I did put out a few lanterns and our friendly skeleton sitting to welcome those few well dressed kids who might come knocking. And yes, I did carve a pumpkin as well. I decided to carve a Spider-Man themed one this year because on Wednesday morning (Halloween) I will be in Savannah seeing The Amazing Spider-Man at the Trustees Theater followed by a Q&A by Stan 'The Man' Lee himself (co-creator of Spider-Man)! I am very excited for that Halloween treat! Keep it REAL!

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