Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Letter to Peter Jackson

Today was a grand day! Started off with a 3D screening of The Amazing Spider-Man at the Trustees Theater in Savannah (first 3D movie to be shown in that theater), followed by a Q&A session with Stan 'The Man' Lee, had lunch at one of my favorite Japanese places in Savannah with some of my best friends, then watched a documentary on Stan Lee, had a meeting with my career adviser at SCAD, drove home to Jacksonville, and found this waiting for me after dinner! This is a response e-mail from WingNut Films saying they received my research paper on The Hobbit (see Concerning Hobbit Morals) and have looked it over and passed it on to Peter Jackson! I did not expect any response at all, or if I did, I was sure it was going to be one of those pre-written responses that they probably have to send out to hundreds of people per week. This is not. There are some things mentioned that are proof they read my letter (such as the part about enjoying the movie over Christmas since I will be seeing The Hobbit on Christmas Eve) and I am very excited to have received this. Just another Halloween treat to add to everything else that happened today! Thanks for reading and remember - Keep it REAL!

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