Friday, February 1, 2013

Flashback Friday #10 - Savannah: Side B

Wow! It is already Flashback Friday #10! Thanks for reading everyone - and if you are just joining us - where have you been, you're missing all the fun! Today I wanted to look back at Savannah again because I will be traveling there later this evening. I'm heading up there for the SCAD Scholarship Gala on Saturday night. My parents have gone every year and this will be the first year I will get to go. In the past I was always tied up with school when it was scheduled so I am looking forward to finally seeing what all the fuss is about. But in terms of photos I have for us today some unusual views of Savannah - or what I like to call Savannah: Side B. During my urban explorations in and around the city I came across lots of interesting items and structures. The above are some of my favorites and all of them were taken with color film so they have a certain nostalgic tone to them. I for one love all the textures you can find in Savannah. A city with so much history has so many historic layers that get exposed over time and it is great to discover them. But it is also a modern city with new buildings and new technology being instituted all the time and this clash of the old and new makes for a very interesting mixture. This is made even more evident with all the different people you can find there. This aspect is directly influenced by SCAD since the school draws from so many countries. It gives Savannah yet another unexpected layer that I came to love while I was in school there. It's not every day you get to walk down the streets of one of the oldest cities in America and see Civil War Reenactors in full period dress standing guard outside fully preserved period buildings, tourists enjoying their nice air conditioning in their annoyingly slow trollies, a group of twenty-somethings playing bicycle polo in an abandoned parking lot, carefree hippies with dreadlocks like play-doh dolls frolicking barefoot through Forsyth park, a possy of hardcore kids with full sleeves of ink and more metal in their mouths and head than the Eiffel Tower, and of course the bumbling freshman art student clumsily trying to carry home their recent purchase of oversized foamcore board. Quite a diversity in such a small city and it all contributes to the many layers and textures of Savannah. I hope to be able to explore other cities like I have been able to explore Savannah - but only time will tell. Until then - Keep it REAL!

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