Friday, February 8, 2013

Flashback Friday #11 - Mag. Ave.

Happy Flashback Friday readers! Lets talk music. For several years now I have loved going to concerts and events with live music, but the vast majority I have attended feature local bands. I can't actually remember the last time I went to see a well known music artist - I guess I just like supporting my friends' bands more (it's also easier on the wallet). The above photos are of a band called Magazine Avenue (Mag. Ave. for short). This band roamed the streets of Savannah and high-fived anyone cool enough from 2009 till 2011. It's rockin' members consisted of Sam Pelgrift (guitar, vocals), David "Dave" Wardell (uke, keys, vocals), Justin Monnier (sax, harmonica), Schuyler "Sky" Burks (bass, glockenspiel, vocals), and Charles "Chuck" Cronkrite (drums). They were one of the most talented and fun to watch bands I have had the pleasure of following. They started out playing mostly covers, but then started to introduce their own original work that had equal amount of worth as well as a dash of wit. They played the SCAD talent show in 2010 and rocked the house down by grabbing the first place prize! They know what....I'm talking too much. You can see all their live performances over on their youtube channel that I helped set up, and you can also listen and purchase their music on their bandcamp page. In the words of Chuck - enjoy the "greatest high five the world has ever known!" Keep it REAL!

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