Sunday, February 17, 2013

Playlist Anthology

Hello folks! Do you remember a few months back when I posted about a graphic novel anthology that some of my good friends were working on...? Well, they are at it again, and this time they have a brand new theme! Now each story is themed around music and the text has to come from song lyrics. It is a very interesting idea for a project and I am very excited to see what songs will be used as well as how the music will sound when reading the story along with it! The great thing about this project is that YOU can get involved too! They have set up a very slick kickstarter page in order to help fund the project (i.e. the printing of the books). There are certain awards being offered at different levels of funding such as your very own copy of the anthology, a pdf digital copy, your name in the acknowledgments section, and special art commissions by the individual artists. But this is not just about the comic artists! No, it is also about the bands who have provided the lyrical inspiration for the stories. By supporting this project you are also supporting these musical artists so it is a win-win situation! Another awesome fact is that one of the bands being featured is local Jacksonville, FL band Four Families! I have been following their musical adventures for some time now, usually with camera in hand, and they are a very talented group of young musicians. If you are a lover of music or of graphic novels, or both, this book will make a wonderful addition to any collection. Be sure to check out the sample images of the artists work right here and become a project backer by visiting their kickstarter page (link above). Keep it REAL!

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