Sunday, April 28, 2013

SCAD Sidewalk Arts Festival 2013

Hello all! Yesterday was the Sidewalk Arts Festival in Savannah and I had a blast as usual chalking it up with my friends and fellow alumni/students. This year I decided to do something a bit different and took inspiration for a very abstracted photo I took of a glass building in Jacksonville, FL. I laid out the grid work first and then realized that it would be very hard to generate all the different blues and blue-greens I needed for the glass so I simply picked out all the cool colors in my chalk pack and went to town making a plaid-like pattern. I am very happy with how it turned out and I had a lot of nice comments from people who walked by. A few people were even brave enough to come up and ask me what I graduated with from SCAD. A few thought graphic design was my major, but I don't think they were fully surprised when I said architecture. I hope you enjoy my square and be on the look out for more photos soon. Keep it REAL!

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