Friday, April 26, 2013

Flashback Friday #17 - Sidewalk Arts Festival

This weekend I will be attending the 32nd annual Sidewalk Arts Festival hosted by my now alma mater SCAD! I have participated in it every year for the past 4 and have had a wonderful time drawing with my fellow artists. This year I will be attending as an alumni and will get to draw my 5th square! Looking back on my past squares I started to see a pattern. My first square was themed around one of my favorite artists, M. C. Escher, and I used some of the lizards and fish that constantly cropped up in his geometric and mind-bending artwork. The next year I decided to do an Italian themed square since that following summer I was going on an academic trip to Italy with SCAD. It rained that year so I was able to literally paint the chalk onto the sidewalk and that is why the colors look so vivid. My third year I decided to use my favorite animal, the turtle, as my inspiration and came up with a graphic four-leaf turtle clover design. Several people thought it looked like a flower, which was cool because it is interesting to know what other people see in geometric or abstract art. With that being said my fourth year I took inspiration from a photograph I made of the Pantheon in Rome while on that academic trip with SCAD. So far that square has been my most successful since almost everyone who walked by stopped to look at it or photograph it. I even had the president of SCAD, Paula Wallace, stop and ask questions about it. It was also successful because the people who walked by had very different ideas about what it was. Some people thought it was a floor pattern, or perhaps a sun-burst, or an endless tunnel - one person even thought it was the Hadron Collider at CERN! That's pretty cool too! Needless to say I enjoyed making all of these squares and the unintentional pattern that I mentioned earlier goes - Geometric Reptile - Italy - Geometric Reptile - Italy. So, what will I do this year? Will I continue the pattern or will I throw myself a crazy chalk art curve ball? I guess you will just have to come out to the festival and see for yourself (or just wait till next week for my next blog post!). To read my posts about last year's Festival you can click Here, Here and.... Here! Keep it REAL!

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