Friday, May 31, 2013

Flashback Friday #19 - Big Sister

If you don't know my big sister Allison - then you are seriously missing out on life! She is one of the most fun, inspiring, intelligent, and beautiful people I have the pleasure of knowing in this life and I will always be proud to call her my sister. Earlier this month Allison graduated from the Teachers College at Columbia University in New York City with a Master's Degree in Education. She now has two degrees from two very well respected schools and did it all with a smile on her face (but only when she was not giving me the stink eye for doing something foolish...) She is the first one in our family to graduate from an Ivy League school and we could not be more happy for her and her future. She has already come a long way from her first degree from ELON University in North Carolina. After that milestone in 2008 she moved to New York and started working as a ParaPro at the Rebecca School in Manhattan, which specializes in education for students with learning disabilities. It was there that she discovered a passion for education through working with an AWESOME young student named Nick. She soon realized that she wanted to teach for a living and work with autistic children. She sought out higher education right in her backyard at Columbia University and is now a certified Master of Education! Go Allison! You Rock! We Love You! And remember to Keep it REAL! (Also, check out this link and try not to smile - I dare you...)

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