Thursday, May 9, 2013

The Players - TPC - #17

If you read my previous post about my favorite spot at the TPC then you have an idea of what some of the more secluded and hidden viewing spots on the course look like. But lets get serious, you can't talk about the TPC without talking about the par 3 #17 Island Green. It is quite possibly the most famous hole in all of golf. Think about that! No really, think about it. If you follow golf at all you probably know about The Masters, which is played at Augusta National in Georgia and is one of the most prestigious courses in the sport. You probably even know about the Old Course at St. Andrews in Scotland, which is one of the oldest golf courses in the world. But can you distinctly describe a single hole from either of those famous courses? No, you can't - but you can describe #17 at the Stadium Course in Sawgrass. "It's an island!" Just take a look at the photo above. This photo shows why this course is called the "Stadium Course." Every year this area of the course that includes the green of par 5 #16 off to the far left and the #17 Island Green transforms into a regular Colosseum of Golf! The amazing thing about the photo above is that there is barely anyone there in the stands or on the grass slopes. This will not be the case from Thursday to Sunday as the only green you will be able to see is the grass of the actual green as everything else will be covered by fans and marshals. It is easily the most populated area on the whole course and offers some of the most dynamic views of golf action as well as unpredictable events. This hole has bested some of the greatest golfers ever with most going in the water, but even if you land on the green with your first shot you still might not be safe. Balls have been known to roll off the green after landing safely as well as being picked up by curious wildlife only to be dropped in the drink upon inspection. Lots of memories and dreams have been made at this hole with just as many being swallowed up. It will be interesting to see how the players handle it this year. Be sure to watch on the Golf Channel and continue to Keep it REAL!

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