Thursday, November 3, 2011

32nd Annual College Photo Contest

I just entered the 32nd Annual College Photo Contest hosted by Photographer's Forum and Nikon™. I certainly hope that I get some feedback from this one. If it was something were you could go vote for me on-line I totally would give you the link but my fate is up to higher powers I guess, so keep your fingers crossed for me. K-Thanks! This is also the first really big contest I have entered and I submitted 6 different images (the example image entitled "Parking Garage" being one of them). This image was taken in Savannah and is a part of my Monumental Architecture series. This is the first one of that series that I have posted on here so I will post some more later. I'm rather fond of this one because of how mundane the subject matter is and how that only makes the photo that much more powerful. It is just a regular parking garage in the downtown area and I have heard several people comment on how ugly they think it is. Funny thing being that is what inspired me to take a photo of it. I wanted to prove that not everything that is considered "ugly" is in fact....ugly. You just have to be willing to look at it in a different way. That is what I seek to do with my photography; to present unordinary views of everyday places. Hope you enjoy.

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