Saturday, November 12, 2011

Museum Details

Since the new SCAD Museum of Art (discussed in a previous post) is now open I have been taking lots and lots of photos and I decided to continue developing my collection of architectural details. These are two details that I have been able to gather so far. One is of the main steps leading up to the main entry way in the courtyard between the museum and Eichberg Hall. The other shows the glass south gallery wall with wooden shades that connects to the planter bed and the wheelchair ramp. The design of the museum is very elegant and modern and I think these details show that pretty well. Also the use of color was important and how the colors of the wood and the plants contrast against the grey of the concrete. Also the brick (which peeks its way into the photo on the right) plays a big role in the courtyard. The brick came from the old building that the museum renovated/replaced. I am so glad that they finished the courtyard and museum this year because I get to enjoy it for the remainder of my grad year.

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