Tuesday, January 10, 2012

New Car!

So, you might have heard, but just in case you missed the news, I was in a car accident back in October. Jimi the MINI was totaled. Sad, sad day that was for sure. He had a good run - the stuff of legends! Well, I was without a car for about two months and now I am the proud new owner of this! A 2009 Nightfire Red MINI Clubman! Already got it tricked out with my custom checkered board caps and badges and I'm doing my best to keep it looking good. Jimi was like the rebel teenager that had a little too many bells and whistles for his own good. This guy (working name 'Vinny the MINI') is a bit of an up-dated / mature MINI. Longer wheel base which makes for more passenger and luggage space, a half-door (club-door) on passenger side for easy access to back seat, sunroof, butterfly trunk doors, and only 17,000 miles! It is serving me very well and I am happy to be driving again - especially since I'm back in a MINI. My Dad and I found him at a place called Off Lease Only in Lake Worth, FL. This place buys and sells cars that have come off lease so they are only slightly used and they sell them for a lot cheaper than a dealer because they don't have a bunch of dealer fees. We purchased it site un-seen, which was a risk but we lucked out in the end and we were ready to pounce on one after having about 4 or 5 slip through our fingers. As for the photos, they were taken on an old roll of 35mm color film I happened to find at my grandmother's house. I wanted to see if it was any good so I took some random shots and these came out well enough. Pretty cool!

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