Friday, January 20, 2012

Southern Gothic

Lately I have been going through all my old files and archives in search of some usable work. I'm in an experimental inkjet printing class this quarter and I really want to start printing some work that I have not used before. I ran across this photo that I took in my large format class last spring and thought it deserved some screen time. For two years I lived at the SCAD apartment complex Barnard Village. I now live at Boundary Village, which is the older of the two but it was planned out better because both the location and parking are more desirable. This photo is of the 'over-flow' parking lot at Barnard Village, which for the two years I lived there was where I parked my car. For those two years this moody scene was where I had to walk in order to get to my car and since I pulled a lot of late nights I more often than not saw it at night. I guess you could say it affected me, but instead of having a negative memory of it I remember it as just another dark corner of Savannah that I have grown comfortable exploring.

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