Tuesday, January 10, 2012

PhotoMuse - Jacksonville - Thesis Project

I just completed my first few days of my new classes for the new quarter. I am in my second quarter of three to complete my masters in architecture. I am proposing / designing a Photography Museum in downtown Jacksonville for my thesis project - PhotoMuse. As I mentioned in the previous post I was home this past weekend to visit with my parents, but also to visit my site again. While I was home I went out at night and took some night shots of Jacksonville. It always amazes me how beautiful Jacksonville is at night with all the lights lit up and the river running right through the middle. This photo here was taken on 35mm color film and it captures all the power of Jacksonville at night. Having lived near this city for the majority of my life I have grown rather fond of it. It is this fondness that led me to pick a site for my thesis here because it is well known that Jacksonville needs more activity and I believe my project can help stimulate that. I will be posting more about my thesis from time to time so be sure to check back for more updates, but in the mean time enjoy the photo and thanks for reading.

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