Sunday, January 29, 2012

Preserving the Past

Over the summer I took my Dad's old slides from his European adventures and started to scan them and restore them. It has been a really eyeopening experience because I see a lot of similarities in how my Dad takes photos and how I take photos. These two examples for instance are both detail shots of two iconic structures, but the views that we are given are not the normal views that we are used too. I do the same with my photography, especially when photographing architecture. It is only by exploring different vantage points that meaningful pieces can be produced. Also, when my Dad took these slides he was roughly the same age I am now so this project holds much more significance because of that. I have several more slides to edit but it has never been a better time to take on this project because my architectural thesis project is dealing with the preservation of photography and this is one way to preserve this medium. With that being said I am not only currently designing an architecture to preserve photography, I am preserving photography on my own while I design and I am letting it inform my project.

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