Monday, January 30, 2012

Spiral Down

We all know the story with the famous line "Down the rabbit hole." That is exactly what it felt like to dive into all my old photos in order to give new life to my past work. I went as far back as 2005, when I first started seriously taking photos, and it was like opening up a time capsule that I made for myself. I was able to re-live several events that helped shape me as a person and a photographer and I discovered lots of work that I had either forgotten about or never realized I had to begin with. The photo I have provided for this story was taken in 2010 in the Vatican Museum and was taken at the bottom of the double-helix spiral staircase that leads out into the grounds from the museum store. I was very inspired by this dramatic space. Not only is it a very large and ornate space, it caught be my complete surprise. I was just getting ready to exit the museum when all of a sudden I run into this amazing structure and immediately became swept away in its elegance. And, as if to complete the circle, this photo took me by surprise when I found it again. I had forgotten about it and I am so glad I found it again. I just hope you enjoy it as much as I do.

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