Tuesday, January 24, 2012


Why am I always attracted to the structured and the rigid? Why do I like to photograph mundane, everyday things such as bridges and power lines? Why are such things often considered beautiful only when viewed through a camera? Why are they more beautiful when they are vacant and abandoned? What is it about an abandoned or condemned building that is so appealing to photograph? Why is the rustic and unclean often seen as more beautiful than the pristine and clean? Why in this age of advanced technology, which can produce the most crisp of images in full living color, do photographers often use older and more expensive techniques to produce 'lesser' results? Why do people use cheap software to render the same results with their phone in a feeble attempt to look vintage and cool? Why do companies like Kodak have to file for bankruptcy while smaller companies spring up every day and thrive? Why do questions come and go all the time and rarely is an answer found......?

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