Monday, April 11, 2011


This photo was taken in downtown Miami on the pool deck of the Viceroy Hotel and Spa. At the time I had yet to see the movie Inception but I was familiar with the movie poster and I framed the buildings similar to the composition of the poster. The downtown area of Miami is still rather new and is still being built in some areas. These towers are all a part of the hotel and the pool deck is nestled between them and offers amazing views of the city.


  1. Dude! I love this blog, it's so awesome. You have a very unique a good way. This one's my favorite. Hopefully, I'm the first one to leave a comment. It's like "signing the crack" in a yearbook. Anyways, you're awesome, an inspiration, and so talented. Keep up the sweet work. Let us know when you're in jax again, we miss you around these parts. Peace!

    Shaun Lafferty

  2. A Tumblr blog's suggestion took me here. And, I must agree with Shaun Lafferty: "You have a very unique a good way."