Thursday, April 14, 2011

Special Education Week & Autism Awareness Month

So, as the title of this posts says, this is in honor of Special Education Week & Autism Awareness Month. My sister Allison works with autistic children in New York and she is a one-on-one with a kid named Nick (both of whom are pictured here). Nick is a great kid and I've had the pleasure of meeting him twice. He writes articles for his school's newsletter, already does advanced math for his age, and even co-wrote a short movie script with one of his friends. Each case of autism is different and Nick's case has made him non-verbal. He communicates by typing on an iPad - I know, really high tech huh? My sister loves what she does and will be going back to school this coming fall (Columbia University to be exact) in order to get her masters in special education. Keep an eye out for her as she will be breaking ground on new autistic and educational research in the next few years. Oh, and is this not a band photo or what!

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