Monday, April 11, 2011

Strange Interiors

These are some images from inside the lobby of the Viceroy Hotel and Spa. The interior was designed by famous designer Philip Stark and they are true to his style and taste. This means that just about anything can happen and does. The first image has a bench that is in the position of a table that is sitting on a diagonal floor piece that is different in material than the rest of the floor and the "stools" are something like miniature Easter Island heads. The curtain wall windows are covered entirely in a transparent green tinted film, which makes the space feel very creepy. The second image is of the mailbox room and as you can see there are several mailboxes that are impossible to reach. There is also a chandelier hanging in the middle of the room and everything from the stone to the metal has the same color range which makes the entire space very uniform. You can be the judge as to whether or not you like this type of design but you have to admit it is very different.

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