Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Student Center

Here is another SCAD photo. This one is the interior of the Student Center which used to be a Jewish Temple and still has all the proper temple decorations and markings on the outside. The inside has been completely re-done and makes for an interesting space. I almost never go to the Student Center unless I have a meeting there or if they are holding a lecture. I probably would visit more often if I lived closer but since I live so far away it's kind of a pain to travel across town just to go to the Student Center for a few hours. One of the things students constantly complain about and make fun of is the lighting in the main atrium space. It changes colors constantly and even in this panorama you can see the light was changing from red to green as I was panning across taking photos (left to right). Its cool the first time you see it but after that its just annoying and distracting. For awhile the band shell in Forsyth Park was lit the same way at night but I think they are just back to plain white light which is better.

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