Saturday, April 30, 2011


So, as some of you may know, the 2011 Silver & Ink Photography show was last night (advertised below) and it was a great turn out for the night. There was so much great work being shown, which easily made it the strongest Silver & Ink show SCAD has put on thus far. I was very proud to be a part of it. The image you see here titled "Void" was the selected piece from the show and was taken in Jacksonville, FL as a part of my 10 piece portfolio for my Black and White Technique class. It was shot on 35mm film and printed in the dark room on matte paper. I have always been fascinated with bridges and for this portfolio I wanted to capture the graceful side of bridges that few people ever get to see. The entire portfolio is how I as an artist view bridges and while working on the project I began to view bridges differently. It quickly evolved into just night photography because that is when bridges come alive. I was lucky because Jacksonville takes pride in its bridges and lights them all up nicely at night. Many of my photos are of Jacksonville bridges and many shot on the same night, a few being shot at 3am in the morning! Stay tuned for more. Up-date - This image was purchased by SCAD for their permanent collection (Spring 2011)! My first really big and important sale. Very exciting.

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