Monday, April 11, 2011


This one is a Savannah photo. Since I go to school in Savannah it is only fitting that I put up some Savannah photos from time to time. But as I mentioned earlier I try really hard to not go for the stereotypical views of places. That being said very few people could probably pick this out as a Savannah photo. This is the new band shell in Forsyth Park. For those of you not from Savannah, Forsyth is basically a tiny version of New York's Central Park. This band shell opened up a year ago and has already made a huge impact on the park and as you can see it also makes for good photography. The main structure is a tensile type structure and this makes for a very interesting and dynamic force in the park where before there was just an abandoned old building that was fenced off. Now that this new building is up and running the land all around it is in full use once again and just about every Sunday afternoon you can find hundreds of people just laying around the park in the meadow in front of the band shell enjoying life.

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