Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Using Photos in Multi-Media Projects

Here is a link to a short video I made for my final project in my World Mythology class I had last quarter. The project was to depict a story from Mythology in an artistic way and I picked the story of Krishna from Indian Mythology where his foster mother scolds him for eating dirt and when she asks him to open his mouth she sees all of creation. I believe this is one of the best images Mythology has to offer us and I depicted it by using several of my own photos in a movie. The story also talks about seeing time since time is a very important aspect of creation and in order to depict time in an artistic fashion I used music because music is one of the only art forms that is purely dependent on time. Without time music would simply not exist because it works within time while other art forms can exist outside of time once they are created. So, in conclusion the video uses photos and sound design in order to depict the story of Krishna and Creation. Enjoy.

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