Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Two Towers

So many of you know that I simply love everything Italy. I get it from my Dad mostly. I've been there a few times and my most recent trip was this past summer with my school. I was able to take two classes and visit my adopted homeland once again - what more could I ask for? I will probably be posting Italy photos from time to time so you have been warned. Don't worry, I will only post the best ones. This one I took in Venice on the last day we spent in Italy and it is in St. Mark's Square. Obviously a place called St. MARK's Square has to be a cool place - right? Well, of course! On our last day there the square began to flood, which is a regular thing. Don't worry, Venice is not sinking, the water table is going up so make sure you do everything you can to be responsible with your energy use - you can help save beautiful places like Venice! In the mean time enjoy the photo. Up-date - this photo is now hanging up in my house! That might not seem very exciting but the print of it is 3 feet by 5 feet! Its giant and looks awesome.

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