Sunday, April 10, 2011

Rose Reading Room

Also on my trip to New York I was able to visit the Main Public Library near Bryant Park. On previous trips to NYC I had only seen the outside of the library, never the interior, so this was a real treat. The main reading room is a huge open room that for a person studying architecture is even more distracting than the tourists walking around. If I lived in New York City and was near the library I still would not be able to use it as a library because I would be constantly in awe of the building itself. And even if I was able to get over the architecture for a little while I would still have to deal with the tourists. Never the less the main library is a beautiful and important structure in New York and I was glad to have visited it. The picture shown here is a vertical panorama I created that shows the room from floor to ceiling. The panoramic format allows for more information to be captured in one image and is thus very useful for interior architectural spaces. Hope you enjoy.

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