Monday, April 2, 2012

Experimental Inkjet Printing - Final Project

Hello Photo Fans! It sure has been awhile. Sorry for the lack of posts recently, I was busy with Spring Break! Now I'm back in the action and already a full week into my last quarter of school. Kinda scary, kinda exciting. To start things off I wanted to share my final project from my Experimental Inkjet Printing class that I had last quarter. I felt that this project turned out very well but unfortunately the photos I have of the pieces do not do them justice. As with many experimental techniques the results just have to be seen in person in order to understand them fully. Above is just one in a series of ten dioramas I constructed for my final out of black matt board, wood, and metal photographs. I pulled inspiration from shoebox dioramas and Japanese art and decided to use my black and white bridge series as the subject matter. It literally took me three weekends to make these dioramas. One weekend to prepare the metal, one to print on the metal, and one to construct the frame work for the dioramas. As I mentioned earlier they are better understood when viewed in person because you can see the depth in each piece better and how some of the pieces overlap and interact. This has to be one of the most ambitious photo projects I have ever attempted and I am very pleased with the results. To view the entire series follow the link.

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