Monday, April 2, 2012

Islands of Adventure Spring Break 2012

After I got back from New York I took a few days to enjoy being home and then had some friends from college come visit me down in Florida. Naturally I took them to Islands of Adventure. It's like the go-to theme park for me and ever since they opened the new Harry Potter themed part I have constantly wanted to go back. At first I thought they might have been a little too late with the Harry Potter park since it opened just before the last movie came out, but if there is any proof that they made the right decision it is that I have been there 3 times already in the last year and a half and am eagerly awaiting my next visit. This time I had 4 of my friends with me and 3 of them had never been to the park before, which is always fun. And even though I have been to the park so many times there are still things I have yet to do, and this time I was able to knock a few off the list. One being to try a frozen Butterbeer from Hogsmeade. It was sooo good! It was like a cream soda slushie! I also had the chance to go inside the Jurassic Park Discovery Center for the first time. It is a museum, store, café area that is modeled after the main museum in the movie. The one with the two skeletons in the center with the staircase around them that is also the location for the final scene with the Velociraptors and T-Rex. It was pretty cool but is already becoming a little dated. I think they are realizing that because I noticed they have started to up-date certain rides at the park so that they better reflect the cutting edge technology that the Harry Potter World has. For example the Spider-Man ride, which has always been my favorite ride, got a complete video overhaul. It is a virtual simulation ride with a moving car that has a 3D video portion to it. The video used to be in the classic cartoon format, but the new video is completely done with computer animation and they have new 3D glasses and it is so much more crisp! That ride was first designed 15 years ago and now with the simple video up-date it should last 15 more. It will be interesting to see what other parts of the park they up-date next. I guess I will have to look out for them next time I visit! - Also, the photos above are of the Butterbeer cart in Hogsmeade and the Incredible Hulk Coaster, which we rode twice! (another one of my favorite rides in the park).

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