Thursday, April 26, 2012

SCAD Permanent Collection

Hello people! I have exciting news for you! Just yesterday, Wednesday the 25th of April, I found out from a friend that SCAD put up my photo in Bergen Hall, the photography building. Most SCAD buildings have student work hanging that is part of the permanent collection but Bergen Hall - until yesterday - was not among those buildings. Kind of strange since its a building that houses a fine art program. It is probably because it simply does not have much useable exhibition space, but they found a place and its in the lobby! If I am not mistaken it might even be the very first photo (or piece of art from the SCAD collection) to ever be hung in Bergen! Now that is pretty awesome. Also, over the summer they put this new window wrap on the glass wall behind the security desk that uses the same aperture logo I use on my business card. Very funny since now they have my photo hanging up too! To read the original story of this photo follow this link!

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