Tuesday, April 3, 2012

The Grandfather I Never Deserved

My Grandpa Max regretfully passed away recently and I wanted to take a moment to celebrate his life. He was not actually my real grandfather, but rather my step-grandfather - but I knew him so well and loved him so much growing up that it never even mattered. He was everything you would want a grandfather to be. He was kind, happy, always enjoyable to be around, had the best laugh and sense of humor a guy could have, and always looked out for me. There were two things Grandpa Max would always do when he would come visit me at my house. One, he would always ask to see my room to make sure it was not getting too messy, and Two, he would always tell me to get a haircut no matter how short my hair was at the time. He also always had a full head of hair himself. And when I would visit him at his house he would always take me and my sister to all the Disney theme parks since he used to work at MGM Studios (now Hollywood Studios). My sister and I always had a blast doing that and I'm sure he had just as much fun too. I attribute my love for theme parks to Grandpa Max and also my love for fun! He taught me to be kind and considerate and never once did I feel uncomfortable or unwelcome around him. He was the Grandfather that I never deserved, but certainly the one I always wanted. I love you Grandpa Max and thanks for all the good times. 1924-2012. (Photo 2007)

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